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Posted By: Rick Sanchez In: Real Estate Tech News
Date: Thu, Apr 27th 2017 4:34 pm

Only a short time ago Realtors had a magical book, it was called the MLS Book (Multiple Listing Service Book). It contained all the homes in the area that were listed by Real Estate Companies, we had to manually flip through the pages to find all the information about the listing. The books were printed weekly and usually by the time the MLS Book arrived the information in the book was already outdated and incorrect because many of the homes listed were already under contract.


Then, in the early 90s we advanced to the use of a small computer very similar to a FAX machine that had no screen but would print the MLS listing out on thermal paper. Unfortunately, the ink on the thermal paper would fade over time so if you went back into the file folder to reference the listing, the only thing there was a blank piece of paper because the ink was completely faded.  We also didn't have cell phones so we would carry around a bag phone (pictured here) and call the listing agent to get all of the listing information.

In the late 90’s we advanced to large desk top computers where we could print out the listing with colored pictures and all the necessary information, and we could even call from our new cell phones to talk with the listing agent in the car.


Now we have very sophisticated smart phones that allow us to carry around our own personal computer that is literally thousands of times more powerful then the NASA computers of the 1960s that landed a man on the moon.  We can now conference call, search properties, write contracts, send and receive offers and thanks to electronic signatures and documents we can ratify a contract all from our smart phones.

So just like technology has evolved, Rick and Jim are working hard to stay on top of the ever changing world of real estate in order to give you a competitive edge and every advantage possible when it comes to buying or selling real estate.  Please visit our website at and start searching for you new home today right in the privacy of your own home.