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Posted By: Rick Sanchez In: Market Statistics
Date: Tue, Sep 26th 2017 12:33 pm

The ShowingTimeShowing Index is a Trade Marked index that tracks the average number of buyer showings on an active residential property listing in MLS. For of this Blog, we will refer to this trademarked index and indicator simply as the “index”.

This index is traced monthly and is highly reliable and a leading indicator of current and future demand trends and provides a good indication of how strong or weak the Real Estate market is. So according to ShowingTime’s latest statistics as of month-end August 2017, the South Region showings are up 4.5% over the previous month and are steadily making monthly, and year-over-year increases.

In August 2015, the index was at 103.3 a 10.2% increase from 2014. In August 2016, the index jumped to 110.1, a 6.6% increase and as of August 2017, the index was 115.1, up 4.5% from 2016. The 12-month average for the South Region is 118.5 up from 112.3 the prior year which is a solid 5.5% gain year over year. If you look at the index for the Nation as a whole, the 12-month index is 119.9 which is higher than the South Region and is up from 112.0 in 2016, which is a solid nationwide increase of 7.1% year over year.  

What does all this mean? Bottom line, basically the Real Estate market continues to be very strong regionally and nationally. The market is driven by a number of different factors including the long-term interest rates, inventory, inflation, unemployment and the overall strength of the economy, but all indications are the Real Estate market will remain strong for the foreseeable future.

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