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Raining, Lack of Draining and Complaining

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: The Old Village Mount Pleasant
Date: Wed, Jul 26th 2017 2:11 pm

The Old Village in Mount Pleasant is known for being one of the most sought after areas to live in the Charleston area.  But even the most desirable neighborhoods have their issues.  I am speaking about the recent drainage problems the Old Village has been battling for years and the recent developments to come to a solution. A recent study has shed some light to what could be the main cause of this problem that has been inconveniencing locals for years.  The studies were revealed on Tuesday the 25th after the Mount Pleasant Public Service Committee met to discuss future proceedings. Engineers came to the conclusion that there are many streets that currently do not have drainage pipes at all and that many of the existing underground pipes are not adequate and need to be updated to assist in proper draining. They also suggested that drainage flow could be improved with streetscaping in certain areas. The estimated cost to improve the area's drainage system are estimated around 25 million dollars and that number will only rise as time progresses. The committee understands the financial challenges this presents to the community and knows how much this project would disrupt the lives of the citizens who call The Old Village home. The committee has a lot to think about and will further their discussion on potential solutions with a second hearing scheduled for Monday, July 31st.  For more information on this continuing development, real estate inquiries or all things Old Village, contact Pat Gallant at 843-790-4PAT!