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Posted By: Heather Derexson In: your local REALTOR
Date: Sat, Sep 30th 2017 11:37 am

Seeing as this is the first blog I’ve ever written I thought I’d start with a quick introduction about myself and what you can expect to see on my future blog posts.  My parents met in North Carolina and my Daddy joined the Air Force taking them to Texas where I was born.  At age three my parents moved us back to North Carolina and at age seven moved us to the Charleston area.

I was raised in Mount Pleasant, which back then was nothing but a little fisherman town.  No one even knew where it was.  When people would ask where we were from we’d simply say “Charleston” because that was easier to say.  Of course, that all changed after Hugo.Shem Creek

I currently reside on the other side of the Cooper (pronounced Coopah if you’re from here) in Summerville.  I’ve lived in downtown Charleston, West Ashley and Goose Creek before settling in what some simply call “The Ville.”  I am married with two children, Sullivan and McKayla.  We have two dogs, Shiloh and Molly.  And two cats, Daisy and Scarlett.  We definitely have a houseful but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We are outdoorsy people, taking in all the spots we can in the Charleston and surrounding areas.  Which brings me to my blog topic and predicament.

When I was challenged by a co-worker to write a blog my first thought was the traditional southern way of accepting a challenge, “Here hold my beer and watch this.”  And no, I’m not kidding, even though I really don’t drink beer all that often this is the thought that enters into my head any time I hear a challenge.  Guess it’s a Southern thing.  Anyhow, as I announced the possibilities of what to blog about and my co-worker kept saying to narrow it down more all I felt was pressure… much for the “hold my beer” thought, huh?  So, while I had to take a moment to really ponder what to blog about I started reflecting on the whole conversation and the whole challenge. 

This is when it hit me, pressure.  Selling real estate in Charleston there is always pressure, both with sellers and buyers but I’ve never had issues handling those because that’s my job.  But here I am suddenly pressured by the fact that I need to narrow down a general blog topic which is kind of like the pressure my buyers must feel when they’ve narrowed down a home they love but are standing in the driveway watching ten other agents with their buyers dying to get in to see the same property.  I see this all the time in this area and that doesn’t scare me in the slightest.  Even with multiple offers the competition and challenge of the game is a pure adrenaline rush, at least for me maybe not my buyers though.  But, nonetheless I have narrowed my blog post topics borrowing the mindset I tell my buyers to have which is to follow their hearts. 

My heart tells me to write about the Lowcountry, to write about the memories and the places that have molded me and my family.  So, in the current weeks expect to learn about some of our favorite places to hike, kayak, walk about, camp, boat, etc.  And expect some memories of why these places have made their way into my heart.

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Heather Derexson