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Preparing Your Home For Showing - Week 2

Posted By: Marsha Grimm In: Real Estate Tips
Date: Sun, Sep 18th 2016 3:05 pm

Last week I discussed some helpful tips for Preparing Your Home for Showing.  Here are a few more tips.

Put fancy throws on your bed and throw lots of decorative pillows on your couch to make them both look cozy and inviting.  Do you know that many interior designers suggest

1) a couch should never be against the wall if you have a large living room?  

2)That the curtains should always touch the floor?  

3) That the books on your bookshelf should always be standing upright and not stacked in piles?

Now that the fall is approaching add a little touch of autumn to your decor.  Who doesn’t get a cozy feeling thinking of the crisp air, snuggly clothes, pumpkins, colorful leaves, fresh baked apple pie and dishes of candy corn?

Overall be sure your home feels inviting to buyers from the time they come through the front door until the time they leave.  And don’t forget to spruce up your yard!

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