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Pop Turns 100...Remembering The Good Ole Days!

Posted By: Brad Middleton In: Family Time
Date: Tue, Apr 18th 2017 3:37 pm

So a few weeks ago we headed up to where I was born, Winston Salem, NC to take part in something special. My grandfather turned 100, and the family came together to celebrate! While in Winston, it of course took me back to when I was a child...

My grandfather acquired his first house by trading a car, for a house! Though I was nowhere close to being alive at the time, I do remember the home they lived in when I was growing up. Their 1926 cottage style home, in the Ardmore section of Winston is unique in itself because of the memories. The traditional steak dinner on Christmas Eve, playing war or hide n seek with my cousins outside and of course eating Sunday dinner cooked by the greatest cooked that ever lived, my Mamaw.

While reminiscing, I was thinking about Charleston and where you could find similar homes and neighborhoods like this particular one and I came up with 3 areas:

- Park Circle in North Charleston

- Byrnes Downs West of the Ashley

- Windemere West of the Ashley

Homes in these areas were typically built between 1920-1960, and are selling anywhere from the high $100,000's to $400,000's in Park Circle and $200,000-$500,000 in Byrnes Downs or Windemere. Their brick outsides and cottage styles are from an era that's passed us by, with beautiful outsides and large yards. These homes are that, homes, and will be standing for many years because of the materials and craftsmanship that were put into building them. In the particular neighborhoods above, you can get homes in their original states that have been well maintained, some that have been updated and upgraded that will wow you and other properties that may be in need of repair that are waiting on your creativity and love. While looking in the Park Cirlce area, visit the thriving old town area which is home to many cool restaurants, shops and bars. One of my favorites there is Sesame Burgers and Beer. While visiting West of the Ashley, try out Pearlz Oyster Bar!

These style homes will always remain a fixture in my heart and of course a reminder to "the good ole days"!