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Pay Your Own Mortgage - NOT Someone Else's!

Posted By: Christine Pettigrew In: Renting vs Buying
Date: Wed, Jul 6th 2016 10:27 am

Pay Your Own Mortgage - NOT Someone Else's!

Closing DayI’ve met several renters lately who feel like they are stuck renting forever and will never own their own home!  The Charleston area rental prices have dramatically increased over the past couple of years as well, making it even more painful for these people.  You can get out of this rut with some determination and a plan!

I recently had a client who rented for many years, and had finally had enough!   She had a full time job, but knew that wasn’t going to be sufficient to save her down payment and closing costs, so she obtained three extra part time jobs, yes three!  After working all day at her main job, she would head off to either job number two, three, or four, and get home late at night.  When she had finally saved enough and received pre-qualification with a lender, we started viewing homes.  This made our available time to view homes challenging at times, but we made it work by looking at homes on her lunch hour, weekend mornings, or on the odd night where she didn’t have to go to one of her jobs.  We were also faced with multiple offer situations on all the places we put in offers, but I found her the perfect place in the heart of Mount Pleasant and we rushed to see it within hours after being listed.  We actually wrote up the offer inside the home before we left, and she was the first offer submitted and won! 

She worked hard and spent less with a definite goal, which she accomplished after closing on her own home last month.  I’ve never seen someone so happy after a closing!  All of her sacrificing paid off, and now instead of paying someone else’s mortgage, she is gladly paying her own!  In this photo, you can see how she is beaming!

There are many mortgage programs for buyers with only 3.5% down payment, or even 0% down if you are a veteran.  Please call me at 843.276.7976 and we can discuss options for you to pay for your own mortgage instead of someone else's!

Christine Pettigrew

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