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Part I: What makes up a good real estate agent in Charleston? How to pick an agent? Part time vs Full time

Posted By: David Schuj In: Real Estate Agents
Date: Sun, Jul 17th 2016 1:42 pm

There are over 5000 active agents in Charleston.  There's only 5000 homes on the market.  Wow! interesting number.  But not all agents are equal.  Some are full time and some are part time. 

Part time agents:  Let's face it, if the agent's income comes from other sources than real estate, one sale can make a lot of extra money in the house hold, especially with the average commission means splitting 6% of the total cost of the home.  They only want one or two sales a year, after all, they don't have time for much more.  Hence, if they can make a sale great, if not, not a big deal.  Nothing gained nothing lost. Its easy money...They do not have skin in the game. Hopefully, the client doesn't get hurt.   

Full time real estate agent's responsibilities.  Different story all together.  They work the business, every day.  While the part time agents are working their full time jobs, full time agents are working real estate.  They attend open houses for new construction.  Agents attend seminars and classes that keep them abreast of the mortgage markets, and legal changes in the business.  Full time agents, ride neighbor hoods during the week, and attend builder's introduction to new communities.  Full time agents meet with the home inspectors, appraisers and other professionals,  keeping abreast of the changes in order to provide their clients with the most current information.  All these things happen between 9 to 5, when most part time agents are working.  The biggest difference between part time agents and full time agents is that full time agents know and understand that showing houses and making offers is only a small portion of their responsibility. Full time agents are constantly keeping abreast of the market.  Full time agents are chamber of commerce members, learning about the growth and development of the local area. They spend time with mortgage brokers to understand what is available and what are the requirements. Real Estate is fluid, it changes week to week. Most of an agents job is keeping abreast of the market so when you are ready to look, sell or buy, your agent is ready and has the most up to date information available. 

Full time agents have skin in the game.  This is their full time job.  They need your sale.  They have to be successful with their clients.  After all, they need the referrals and are only going to get them if they do a good job.  

A part time agent will show you a home and than sell it to you.  A full time agent:

  1.  Assist you in finding the right mortgage company.
  2. Can assist you in rental information. Knows the rental market. 
  3. Knows the new construction market and very informed about the new communities. 
  4. Has established relationships with attorneys, mortgage companies, property appraisers, home inspection companies, termite companies and stay in contact with them on a regular basis.  Due to these relationships, a full time agent can recommend a good fit for the the buyer or seller
  5. They must be successful, this is their lively hood, not an extra "nice to have" income.
  6. A full time agent is there to do the things that need done between normal business.  They are there, waiting on YOUR call.  A full time agent is concerned with your work schedule, not theirs.
  7. They are there for the home inspections so you do not have to miss work
  8. They are in constant contact with you mortgage person, ensuring closing is on time and that the under writer is not waiting on anything.  If so, the full time agent tracks it down.
  9. They coordinate with the closing attorney.
  10. If new construction: full time agent will check on the progress.  They will attend the electrical and dry wall inspections.  A full time agent will be there during the new house orientation and finial walk through.
  11. A full time agent has one boss, the client.  

If you are looking for a full time agent that understands they have one boss, and you are buying, selling or renting in the Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, Monks Corner, West Ashley, or surrounding area, please give me a call and allow me to earn your business.  My number is 843.922.2003 or email me at