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Our Feathered Friends in Mt Pleasant

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Workdays for our Feathered Friends
Date: Thu, Aug 10th 2017 12:14 pm

On a recent drive around the Mt Pleasant subdivisions and the local grocery store it seems that our feathered friends are both business and pleasure creatures.  The geese seem to like making deposits at the local bank daily  and then checking the red lights for crossing the highway.  After handling their business at the bank it is time for lunch hour.  Favorite restaurants are all around for them to chose and usually whatever is available is fine for them. They seem to like Publix as their grocery shopping spot.  Just check out the parking lot most any day and they are abundant.  Traffic waits for them to cross when it seems like a good idea for the flock.

If you would like more information on our feathered friends and the subdivisions they enjoy and the restaurants they prefer give me a call and I will gladly show you the area.  My contact info is Dixie Hagan  at 843-729-9878.  We can make it a day exploring what our feathered friends do everyday.

Flock checking bank depositHeading for Lunch