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Northbridge Park is Great for a Quick Stop or a Long Visit

Posted By: Jack Crow In: About the Low Country
Date: Wed, Sep 14th 2016 12:11 pm

By far one of the most convenient and accessible ways to enjoy the Ashley River is the pier and floating dock at Northbridge Park. The 3 acre park was completed in May of 2014 with a 271 foot aluminum pier and dock and has become a popular local destination. The pier has several fixed benches and works well for fishing or just taking in the scenery. The dock has a canoe and kayak launch and is a perfect spot to use a cast net or try your luck at crabbing.

 Keeping fishing poles and a small cast net in the trunk means that my son and I can be parked and shrimping in five minutes. I love being able to stop on the way home from school and see if anything is biting.  However, I generally find that it is better to check the expiration date on your fishing license before you are taking it out to show the Game Warden!  With the close proximity to the water and the bridge, it is frequented by the friendly folks from SC Fish and Wildlife.

The park is located on the southern shore of the Ashley River, 1180 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., and is accessible from either direction of Highway 7. There are 16 parking spaces adjacent to the pier as well as bike racks, a short walking trail, a picnic area, and a convenient, accessible bathroom on site.

Cosgrove Bridge, which my Grand Parents referred to as the “Nawth” bridge, was the link from the West Ashley to North Charleston and the Charleston Naval Shipyard.  My Grandfather, John Y. Crow, was a leadingman shipfitter at the “Navy Yard “, welding submarine modifications between the early 1930’s and his retirement in 1964. It operated from 1902 until 1993, and was responsible for the construction of several hundred warships between 1938 and 1945 including destroyers, tank landing ships, troop transports, and medium landing ships. 

Cosgrove Bridge Tide Table

This is a link to a great tide chart and graphic that gives you tide levels for this specific location

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