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New York City - Charleston SC - an attempt to compare

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Moving to Charleston SC
Date: Tue, Jul 19th 2016 9:25 pm

New York City vs. Charleston -  easy to compare, right ?!

Definitely not an easy task, or so I thought ! ! There is no other city like this, right ?

And Charleston, was-- it not just named the best travel destination city in the USA ?

Contemplating what to write after I returned from my very first visit to the City which never sleeps, I found that those 2 cities, as different as they are from each other, also are very much alike.

Buildings after buildings, steel and shiny glass towers, brick and stucco, tall and taller, lined up like LEGO blocs in NYC, and a huge variety of architectural features and influences so that your head spins and makes you wonder. And Charleston, buildings old and majestic, plantation style, with porches and  courtyards and hidden secret gardens. Both cities have streets, wide and narrow, curvy and straight, connecting the neighborhoods and the surrounding town and villages like rubber bands holding a package together.  Mighty rivers hug and embrace both cities and flow into a bay and then into the Atlantic ocean, playground for ocean liners, container ships and pleasure boats. Creeks and marshland, beaches and corn fields make a patch work up the net of life and the playground for the different seasons.

And all the amazing parks, some small, other vast, water fountains and monuments, in both cities plentiful and amazing, telling history and marking world events. Museums and churches, cafes, food trucks and restaurants, people of all colors and origin, moving along in the busy streets in harmony, mingling with the sound of cars, street musicians, the laughter of children, the sound of birds, the smell of flora and fauna, and the occasional barking of dogs.

The food in both cities is delicious, and fast or slow, just like one desires at a certain moment, sitting down to enjoy or on the run

and in between breaks. In NYC,  I found fruit and vegetables I had not seen before and a New Yorker would certainly find Southern food like grits,,fried green tomatoes and Frogmoore stew strange, amazing, new and unfamiliar food choices.

Real estate in both cities is plentiful, and comes in vastly different price ranges. There is probably the biggest difference and while one finds it affordable to buy or rent in Charleston, it might be totally unobtainable in NYC. Just two very different real estate markets but both desirable, both with its own charm and style.

So, if you are looking for something with Charleston charm, a vacation home, a weekend retreat, an investment property, contact me. There is plenty to find on my website at or you can reach me at 843-345-2625 or mail