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New Mega-Developments

Posted By: Ralph Campbell In: Mega Developments
Date: Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 11:41 am

Growth, large and small

The housing growth in the tri-county area continues to absolutely amaze me.  The Charleston I grew up in was a quiet, little costal town.  The tourist season started Memorial Weekend and ended Labor Day Weekend.  After Labor Day you could roll up the sidewalks and wait for the next season.  Now tourist season is year-round!  If you were going across the Grace Memorial Bridge (SCARY) and north on highway 17 your next stop was probably going to be Myrtle Beach.  What was on Johns Island?  Farms.

There are many new subdivisions being built on Johns Island and its identity continues to rapidly change.  I thought there were a lot of new homes being built on the Island until I researched the new Mega-Developments.  There are 11 mega-developments planned for the tri-county area with over at total of 78,000 homes!  Just a small sampling:  Nexton-13,000, Cainhoy Plantation-18,000, Cane Bay Plantation-10,000.  Some of the advantages of these developments is that they generally come with new schools, open space parkland, restaurants and shops.  Nexton is even building a hotel.  These really are their own little towns.

So, if you’re looking for a new home, you have an infinite number of options.  Provided you can wait for your home to be built.  If you are looking for a newly built home from a developer, a Realtor can be a great asset to assist with your transaction. 

Ralph Campbell


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