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New Categories and Tags System

Posted By: Liza Valero In: AOR Website and Lead List Information
Date: Thu, Jul 28th 2016 12:25 pm

For people on the Leads List, we are asking that they use the following categories & tags:

LEADS LIST Groups & TAGS - JULY 2016

Categories (from dropdown - pick from a list):

MTPbuyer - Mount Pleasant Office agent - buyer

MTPrenter - Mount Pleasant Office agent - renter

WAbuyer - West Ashley Office agent - buyer

WArenter - West Ashley Office agent - renter

IOPbuyer - Isle of Palms Office agent - buyer

IOPrenter - Isle of PalmsOffice agent - renter

GCbuyer - Goose Creek Office agent - buyer

GCrenter - Goose Creek Office agent - renter

SMSbuyer - Summerville Main Street Office agent - buyer

SMSrenter - Summerville Main Street Office agent - renter

STRbuyer - Summerville Trolley Road agent - buyer

STRrenter - Summerville Trolley Road Office agent - renter

MCbuyer - Moncks Corner Office agent - buyer

MCrenter - Moncks Corner Office agent - renter

Tags (no dropdown, be careful to use the pre-written ones):

buyernow - buyer looking at homes now

buyer3 - buying a house in three months

buyer6 - buying a house in six months

buyer9 - buying a house in nine months

buyer12 - buying a house in twelve months

buyer15 - buying a house in fifteen months

buyer18 - buying a house in eighteen months

buyer21 - buying a house in twenty one months

buyer24 - buying a house in twenty four months

buyerplus 2 years - buying a house in more than two years

renternow - looking to rent now - MAY ALSO BE buyer12

renter3 - looking to rent in the next three months - MAY ALSO BE buyer12 or buyer15

renter plus 3 months - looking to rent now - MAY ALSO BE buyer12 or buyer15 or buyerplus 2 years

Any questions, email me, Liza at or Michelle at