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Myths About Hurricane Season

Posted By: Whitley Boyd In: Weather
Date: Wed, Sep 28th 2016 11:40 am

Myths About Hurricane Season

Seasonal changes are usually something people look forward to.  That is, unless, we are talking about talking Hurricane Season…Of course, no one is going to be excited about the looming threat of potentially devastating storms.  However, here is some information that can hopefully put your mind to rest:

Myth: The seasonal forecast for named storms and hurricanes is high.  Therefore, it is more likely to be a dangerous season

Fact:  There is no real correlation to the number of named storms vs. the number of storms that cause damage.

The true concern is just how many storms are likely to make landfall.

Myth: Storms move wildly out of control

Fact: Tropical cyclones do obey the physical laws that govern the atmosphere.

Myth: Taping your windows is the best method to keep them from breaking.

Fact: Tape will not hold up to wind-driven debris.  Use shutters or plywood instead.

Myth: Winds are the deadliest aspect of a hurricane

Fact: Water causes 90% of US. Deaths from tropical cyclones

A good rule of thumb for hurricane preparedness is "hide from the wind, run from the water."

Helpful tips: Know your evacuation route and your flood zones.  Have an emergency kit set aside and make sure that your family has a plan.       

If you are not sure what your flood zone is…call me!  I am happy to look up your flood zone information.  Remember, this information may have changed since you bought your home.

I am always available to discuss your needs – whether they are buying, selling or renting.

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Information sourced from The Weather Channel

Fingers crossed for calms seas ahead!