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Mt Pleasant Shopping

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Mt Pleasant Shopping
Date: Thu, Nov 9th 2017 11:47 am

Mt Pleasant Shopping Trip

Shopping in Mt Pleasant has become a challenge with the traffic increase the past few years almost like a Charleston History Tour. Twenty minutes to get to get to Towne Center has become the normal time. After finally getting a parking place once inside the store the items for sale had good prices but getting past the Christmas items was an effort. It seems the holiday items get to the store before we are ready to celebrate the holidays. 85 degree weather doesn’t help with getting in the holiday spirit. It is hard to believe that this is the middle of November. Bathing suit weather this week and then one more day time for the long pants and coats. 

The effort to purchase from a store rather than staying home and sitting in your pajamas is most appealing when having to confront the everyday traffic issue. Amazon Prime looks inviting to place an order and never leave the house. Now Amazon is offering in some places  to install a gadget to let the delivery person come in to your home and you do not even have to be there to get the package. Each time we turn around a new gadget comes along to decrease the need for human contact. Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing but to feel the holiday spirit sometimes it is good to get out the house and mingle with the other folks and their kids who really show the excitement of seeing the new toys and of course the Christmas decorations.

Thanksgiving will be here soon and then Christmas but in the meantime drive over to Towne Center to get a view of the upcoming holiday items up for sale. If you are new to the Mt Pleasant area and want to know more about shopping in Mt Pleasant then give me a call Dixie Hagan at 843-729-9878