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Mt Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Mt Pleasant War Memorial
Date: Mon, Jul 10th 2017 12:50 pm

Mt Pleasant Memorial Park

As a resident of Mt Pleasant a visit to the Mt Pleasant War Memorial was the first time to have the opportunity to really grasp the meaning of that part of the park.  The area  honoring the local war veterans gives an individual the feeling of gratitude for the veterans who died in the wars dating back to the War Between the States.  As the wife of a Vietnam veteran over the years very little discussion or talk about the war has occurred. After reading some of the names and watching the continuous waterfall  along with the beauty of the surrounding the area one has a better understanding of the loss for the families of these veterans.  A photo  of this area could not replace an actual visit  and the feeling of serenity. Each branch of the service is represented with  bronze plaques within the memorial.

The most notable center of the memorial  is the sculpture honoring the war heroes.  When one takes a close look at this sculpture it displays the grief of a mother losing a husband or child to war.  Holding a folded flag in one hand and a combat helmet and rifle on the other side replicates the symbol of loss. For a local resident or a visitor to the area a trip to the park should be at the top of the list of places to see in Mt Pleasant.

Plaques Honoring Branches of Service

Memorial State