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Mt Pleasant - A Haven for All

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Seniors
Date: Tue, Oct 18th 2016 12:52 pm

It is widely known that Charleston and Mt. Pleasant are wonderful areas of opportunity for work as well as recreation. The climate is wonderful with mild winters. We attract all sports enthusiasts as well as those looking for a relaxed yet very active business community. The number of people moving to our area is large and growing as people learn about us through their travels, advertizing media and word of mouth.

We are not just an attractive area for active members in the business community, but also a fast growing number who chose to retire here. Seniors have much in common with younger age groups. We tend to attract people with common interests irrespective of age. They mix and mingle well and thoroughly enjoy the interaction. You see it at church, social gatherings and civic functions.

Even as seniors integrate well into the community, they also (as all ages do) have special areas of interest and concerns. In the coming weeks, we will explore this very interesting group of citizens from different directions. They are an amazingly accomplished citizenry and have much to offer.

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