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Posted By: KAREN COLEY In: Seaside Farms
Date: Thu, Oct 27th 2016 9:25 am

When entering Seaside Farms from Rifle Range one will immediately notice on the left walking trails, a lagoon with a fountain and Mr. & Mrs. Egret.  Their well-being and existence is often discussed at community gatherings.  We even have neighbors who have taken beautiful pictures which are framed and displayed in their homes.  Most egrets belong to large colonies all-the-while monogamous.  Mr. & Mrs. Egret have lived in this lagoon for years and no one seems to know if they have ever had babies. The first born are very aggressive and attack the younger ones ... sound familiar? Egrets can live for 15 to 20 years.

In the 1915s Egrets were hunted to almost extinction because the male’s flumes were used for fashion hats as well as military.  At the time, the value of the feathers was as high as gold.  I, for one, am grateful that practice was outlawed as I love to watch these elegant birds hunt.  They are so patient.  So while I’m sitting on the bank of our lagoon watching these beautiful birds, I feel calm. They mostly eat fish, but occasionally stab and swallow whole a yummy frog or small chipmunk.

Seaside Farms offers so much to the residents and visitors.  If you’re looking for a home, consider the wide variety of living accommodations offered in Seaside Farms … $385k (1500 sq.ft.) to $1m+ (4000 sq.ft.) single family homes, condos and senior living.