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Moving yourself? How to reduce the over all costs and make the move smooth.

Posted By: David Schuj In: Moving to Charleston SC
Date: Wed, Sep 7th 2016 10:46 am

A few ideas as you go through the moving process.  Plan, Plan and Plan.

The first thing and most important is packing.  Gather up and start saving the following.

1.  Boxes;  best way to get boxes are at the Liquor stores.  Usually Saturday mornings.  Many of them put the boxes, out front for people to collect.  They are free and very good.  Beware of grocery stores.  Lots of time, those boxes had raw food in them, vegetables, meats and fruits, which equate to bugs.

2.  Save news papers and brown grocery bags.  Great to wrap your breakables.

3.  Buy some Black sharpie Pens.

Time to pack.  You can start weeks out, before the move.  Start packing rooms, closets, garages, sheds and attics.  Stuff that you will not need for awhile.  ALWAYS label the boxes with the room the items were boxed in and a brief description of the items inside the box.  It makes it so easy to un pack, even months after the items were packed.

Next, take down all pictures and paintings.  Buying bubble wrap and tape is the best way to pack them and move them.

Now start room by room, one or two a night and your done before you know it.  The last room is always the kitchen.  The only exception is packing up those dishes and pans that are only used during holidays or special gatherings.

Next, break down your furniture.  Beds, tables ect.  Remember, movers charge by the hour, so the more that is completed, prior to them getting there, the cheaper the move. 

Waiting to do all of this in one weekend, adds unforeseen costs to the move.  Also, it ends up rushed and things become missing or broken on the other end of the move.  Start weeks in advantage.  Couple of hours, hear and there will save you headaches and a great deal of stress.  Not to mention, it WILL save you Money.