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Moving with Motivation to be Clutter Free

Posted By: Betsy Martin In: 5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell
Date: Tue, May 30th 2017 1:14 pm

So it's time to move. Where to start, where to begin, how is it done?  I have some helpful easy tips and can answer those questions....

As in my previous blogs, I gave a general overview of “5 simple tips of preparing the home to sell”.  The most important part of selling begins with preparing the home to be “Clutter Free”.  I mentioned in the previous post... is to just start... somewhere in the home... but just start.  Choose a less emotional area, especially is this is a difficult move. Leaving behind memories of your childhood, or raising a family in the home and letting go, is like cutting the umbilical cord.  I GET IT!! Letting go is never easy. But it is a part of life and a move.

Now, to begin the process is to begin going room by room. Allow 15-30 minutes for each small room and the bathroom is a great place to start!

Start with zones and toss items:

  • Medicine Cabinet-outdated medications, ointments, dental tools
  • Vanity top -organize with decorative containers for daily skin care use
  • Under the Sink- rid of old cleaning products, empty travel toiletries
  • Vanity Drawers- old make up, crumbled eye shadows, used brushes
  • Tub/Shower-almost empty shampoo/conditioner bottles, razors, and soaps

Clutter free bathrooms help you to begin the day more efficiently and an easier bed time ritual. It saves time because now everything has a place and you know exactly where everything is located.  If you store your medications in the bathroom, you’ve got to go through them regularly and toss the old ones. Same goes for old makeup and skincare products.

Now, doesn’t that feel better already…one room down, on to the next.  Stay tuned for Easy Clutter Free tips for the Entry Way and or Mudroom. 

Do not hesitate to call or email for any real estate or home clutter free questions. I’m always here to help you with making life a little easier.

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