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Moving with Motivation to be Clutter Free

Posted By: Betsy Martin In: 5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell
Date: Wed, Jun 7th 2017 10:27 am

10 Questions to ask yourself when DECLUTTERING:

It is my opinion the number one question is, “Where to begin?”   My suggestion is a less emotional space, like a linen closet or bathroom.  The decision will be, where it is needed the most. Ask yourself these 10 questions throughout the process.

One of every color

  1. Do you use this item regularly?
  2. Do you use this item regularly, or is this an heirloom or a family treasure?
  3. Are you expected to keep it, or do you feel an obligation?
  4. Should you love it, ask yourself, “WHY am I holding on to this item?”
  5. Saving it because “Oh just in case I need it?”
  6. Is there one in every color or multiples of the same?
  7. Can another item you may own perform the same job?
  8. Is it broken, and you’ll fix it one day?
  9. Are these items taking up storage space, it is worth spending time cleaning or polishing it?
  10. By removing the item, are you able to make room for something else that needs to be in place?

You may feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated with the idea of decluttering your home. The decluttering journey doesn’t need to be painful.  In fact, if you have children, make it a fun event on a rainy day, create a game of sorting and sizing.  Give your children praise for being “such a great Mommy’s helper”.  Share the experience with your children, donate and drop off at your local church or Goodwill together.  Working together as a family/team makes this journey effortless.  For more tips and moving with motivation, please call or email

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