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Six Things That Sell Homes Fast & for the Most Money

Posted By: Betsy Martin In: 5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell
Date: Thu, Jul 20th 2017 9:49 am

The common denominator and main goal in moving with motivation, decluttering and organizing is …SELLING THE HOUSE in the fastest amount of time for the most amount of money!

 It is my professional real estate opinion these simple suggestions below will reach the main goal.

  1. Curb Appeal…Stage the Yard! We’re so busy staging the interior of the home, we completely forget about the OUTSIDE!!!

The first thing people see when driving up to a home is the front door/porch area. Buyers make an instant determination of how desirable a home is by how it looks on the exterior; therefore it will look the same inside. From a personal experience, the real estate agent pulled up to the front of the home, and the first thing I noticed was a rat feeding off a bag of garbage on the front porch. Needless to say, I would not get out of the car!

A beautiful front yard makes a good impression that should continue when potential buyers walk in the house. Simple suggestions would be remove weeds, rake leaves, trim hedges and a fresh cut of the lawn. Now let’s STAGE the yard!

Add a couple of seasonal pots of flowers at the entrance of the home and/or hang a couple of flowering baskets from a Shepard’s hook along the sidewalk. Purchase an inexpensive “Welcome” mat for the front door. It makes the buyer feel as if they are “home”.

  1. Window/Screens and Siding

This is big task, especially if doing it yourself, however you will be glad you did.  Pressure washing the siding and cleaning the windows/screens/sills is a good start.  You may think…Why am I putting myself through all this hard work? The answer is brightening up a home inside and out creates a fresh clean look that makes a buyer think it is “move-in" condition and will pay more.

  1. Easy Facelifts

The best returns come from the smallest improvements such as fresh coat of paint and new carpet.  It is an easy fix at minimal cost.

Replacing appliances, light fixtures, faucets, and vanities, will all make the home look newer and nicer, which helps the home sell faster.

Proposing a complete remodeling, such as replacing the kitchen or bathrooms should be discussed and done if time and/or budget allow.  Time could be of the essence and may not be feasible.

  1. Declutter and stage the home

Please reread my previous blogs that discuss declutter and staging ideas.

The option of hiring a stager is important, however, if not in the budget, each room should be accessed for the amount of clutter to be removed and organized.  Keep in mind, less is more.

  1. Professional Pictures and Virtual Tours

85% percent of home buyers begin their search on line.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to have professional and high quality photos AND a virtual tour linked to your listing when marketing the home.

Professional photos will be seen by buyers through the MLS and real estate portals and websites.  I’m not a big fan of seeing the person who is taking the picture in the mirror, or the “Big Gulp” cup sitting on the kitchen counter!

  1. Pricing the Home

A thorough and cognizant real estate agent will analyze recent sales and complete a neighborhood market analysis. Strategizing with the seller and having an educated discussion with all the facts, will determine the best competitive price for the home; two very important facts, a buyer is only going to pay what he or she is able to afford, and majority of the time, price is determined on what the market is dictating. 

If time is not on your side, one strategy that works very well in a hot market is a lower price than the competition to appear as the home is bargain. The idea is to drive traffic, receive multiple offers, and be in a bidding war.  Everyone wants what they can’t have!

Most importantly to selling your home in the shortest amount of time, for the most amount of money are these four key facts.

1. Clean! Clean! Clean!

2. Facelift or remodel

3. Hire a professional (real estate agent, professional stager, and photographer)

4. Pricing

As a seller, being the eyes of a buyer will be your driving force.  Now let’s get to work and sell your home!  Find Out What Your Home is Worth by Clicking Here!


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