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Moving with Motivation

Posted By: Betsy Martin In: 5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell
Date: Thu, Jul 13th 2017 10:47 am

Summertime/outdoor activities can be a challenge in South Carolina, dodging thunderstorms, intense sun, heat index, humidity etc, but it becomes customary and second nature.  What can be most challenging is, moving…yes, I said it, moving!  The “thought” of moving all day and night in the heat and humidity is dreadful. But, let’s talk about the day of, it will make it a lot easier.

Statistics show 75% of all moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.  Most employers hire at the beginning of summer, recent college grads begin new jobs, children need to be enrolled in the upcoming school year, etc The cost of a move is almost double than “off peak” times.  If saving money by moving on your own, here are a few tips for moving in our South Carolina heat (welllllll... any summertime heat).

  1. Get started early

Do not try to move in the middle of the afternoon, aim for early morning. Overall, early mornings mean much cooler (possibly 10 degree difference or more) move. If you have hired a moving company they prefer to get started in the morning anyway.   If at all possible, get the truck the night before to begin the move early early early!

  1. Proper clothing

There are rules you must know for a summer move!  First, make sure you’re wearing lightweight, loose-fitting and breathable cotton fabric (think workout/running clothing).  Workout and running clothing are made to absorb sweat and moisture, allowing faster evaporation so that you stay dry during the move.  Second, stick with light-colored clothing when dressing for a move, neutrals and white colors keep you cooler. Finally, make sure to remember to wear a hat to protect the head and face from the intense sun.

  1. Pack the cooler with waters and cold towels

Staying hydrated during the summer months is important no matter what outdoor activity is taking place, however, especially important if you’re moving during these months. No doubt, clothes will be sweaty and your body will need to be replenished with potassium and nutrients to avoid symptoms of dehydration. I suggest mixing a scoop of Skratch or tablets of Nuun added to a water bottle. Pack a few Gatorades, they are inexpensive and are a good alternative.  Place small wash cloths or towels in cooler to use to wipe sweat, cool face, and body. 

  1. Utilities

Make sure you contact the utility companies to turn on water and electric.  If you’re moving during the hot summer months, turning on the air condition ahead of time, it will help you focus on the tasks ahead, instead of on that sweltering heat.

  1. Be mindful of items that cannot handle heat

When packing up your belongings, be aware that not everything can handle sitting in a hot moving truck for hours, items that potentially could melt or be damaged from intense heat, for example computers, TVs, candles, and plants.  Keep those separate and get them inside the air conditioned house as soon as possible.

  1. Bring Fans

Fans are a great idea and keep the air flowing while moving in furniture or heavy boxes.  Humor yourself by stopping at a fan and singing a little tune, you’ve never sounded so good!  Pick up a fan or two for as low as $15 at Target, Walmart, Home Depot and/or Lowes.  Regardless of whether you have air conditioning or not, it’s a good idea to have fans set up in the garage too

  1. Know the Warning signs of Overheating or Dehydration

Finally, know the warning signs of overheating and heat related illness. These symptoms can include elevated body temperature, headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, seizures, and general confusion. If you or anyone with you on moving day exhibits any of these symptoms, get out of the heat and into the air conditioning as soon as possible. Experts advise those affected by the heat to drink plenty of water, lie down and take a cool shower or use those cold towels from the ice cooler.  If symptoms continue, go to the ER asap!

I hate to end on a downer, but it is so important to hydrate.  Overheating is serious and should not be taken lightly. 

Besides moving on a hot humid dog day of summer, you did it!  No matter if you hired a company to move your belongings or DIY, go take a nice cool shower and celebrate!

I’m here to answer any questions or provide more tips on Moving with Motivation.

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