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Moving with Motivation

Posted By: Betsy Martin In: 5 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell
Date: Wed, Jun 14th 2017 3:15 pm

Ok, so let’s pretend we are clutter free…whew…that was quite a process. The hard part is over, and you are in cruise control!

Now what?  Get out the notepad and make a list of the packing supplies needed to move.  Keep in mind you have cleaned, donated, sold, organized all the belongings, now it is time to place in boxes and move. FYI, wearing an apron with pockets is handy to carry all your markers, pens, tape, scissors, ribbon, snacks, etc while you work...otherwise you will be screaming..."where are those scissors!"

Here is a list of items you are going to use for the next chapter called packing and moving.

  1. Boxes: These can be purchased at a moving supply company, hardware, moving and storage and UPS stores will carry everything you need. If you have a facebook page, post a request asking for moving boxes and most likely you will get an overwhelming response.  Retail stores like Gap, Old Navy, etc get daily shipments, managers or employees are friendly and able to help out. You do not need to get huge boxes, because they will be too hard to lift when filled.
  1. Packing Tape: Be sure and get plenty of “packaging” tape to seal the box top flaps. It is not that expensive, and it is worth having enough so you don’t have to stop and run out to buy more. You can always return unused rolls.
  2. Scissors: If you don’t get the dispensers, you will need scissors. Don’t use your teeth! They may not end well. The apron will come in me.
  3. Garbage bags: Preferably, use bags that are see through, that way you will not have to reopen the bags to see if it is trash or something you packed that would not fit in a box. Get very strong ones. Mark them with colored ribbons for code.  Items like linens,pillows, blankets, comforters, towels etc., the green/black contractor bags are perfect.
  4. Colored Magic Markers: Give each room a different color marker, and that way, when unloading the truck, “Yellow boxes go in the kitchen, pink in the bedroom for a girl, blue for the boy’s bedroom, green in the living room,” etc.  Stack or set color coded boxes in the room. Colored ribbon works great to tie around the garbage bags; using stickers or sticky notes fall off easily. If bags are used for clothing items, find ribbon from the sewing kit or Christmas ribbon.  Don’t label all the boxes “misc.” or “stuff” give the boxes a number and put the contents of that box on your notepad, so you can find where the item is without opening each and every box. It’s important to have a system in place when labeling the boxes, start packing up the things that you will not need, labeling with the lowest number. The higher-numbered boxes are the items you use the most.
  5. Packing paper: This is for packing your dishes and other breakable items. You can never have enough paper. Personally, I am not a fan of newspaper. The packing stores or moving supply stores sell packing paper…so no inky black fingers.

You are all boxed up and ready to go… back up the truck and let's get moving!

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