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Moving to Summerville SC Part 3

Posted By: Kathi Panor In: Relocating to Charleston SC area
Date: Thu, Jul 20th 2017 4:39 pm

There is so much to talk about this past week but I won’t bore you too much! My daughter and her husband and 5 girls were visiting so we all went to Hilton Head for one night. Hilton Head is only 2 hours away from Summerville – another good reason to like this area. Myrtle Beach is about the same distance.  Talk about a crazy fun time – 4 adults plus 6 kids ranging from ages 5-19!  I almost went zip lining with the 4 oldest but chickened out! I might try the next time.

My daughter and her family live in Wisconsin and it got me thinking about how words in different areas have different meanings.  In Wisconsin a “bubbler” is a drinking fountain – go figure!!  I know when we moved from Iowa (a long time ago) to St Louis our neighbor asked my kids (who were around 8 (twins) and 4 years old if they would like a “soda”.  Well – they had visions of a nice tall ice cream soda and what they got was a can of pop.  Such a disappointment!

I would love to hear what words that you know of that have different meanings where you live.  Put in the comment section below – let’s see how many we can come up with!

Enough of that……our new price at Cresswind at the Ponds is having a Grill & Chill on Saturday with music & food so if you are at all interested, give me a call or text or email for informationn– I would love to meet you there!  My phone number is 941-724-9961 and email is

Not too much progress on the building of our house – rained a lot but I’m thinking positive and trying to be 1)patient; 2)patient; 3)patient.

Till next week!