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Moving to Summerville SC Part 13 - Home Inspection For New Construction

Posted By: Kathi Panor In: Relocating to Charleston SC area
Date: Sun, Oct 1st 2017 2:56 pm

We are enjoying perfect weather (in my opinion) the forecast for the week is also great – lows in low 60’s & highs from mid 70’s to mid 80’s with low humidity.  Finally my kind of weather!

We close in 18 days (see picture below) and we had a professional home inspection last week.  I know there are those that don’t feel that having a home inspection on a new construction home is necessary since most builders give you a year guarantee.  I disagree.  When we built in Wisconsin the home inspector found that the hot water heater was not working properly. The builder gave us a new heater. If we would have discovered this after the closing – they would have probably just repaired it.  Here are several reasons to always have a home inspector – whether on a new construction home or a resale:

  • Builders aren’t perfect. There are many phases in building a home and even the best builders aren’t able to check everything.
  •  Remember the municipal building inspectors are not the same as home inspectors….their job is to make sure the building codes have been followed.
  •  If the home inspector finds any defects – they can be fixed before causing more damage. The inspector typically checks for gas leaks, defects in roof and insulation among other things. In our case, our inspector found problems that surprised us and we will have builder address prior to us closing – if we had waited for the one year anniversary to roll around several of the items would have gotten worse and costly.
  • If we should decide to sell our home in the future (you never know what will come up) – we wanted to avoid paying to make repairs that the new owner’s inspector discovered that we weren’t aware of.
  • Lastly – a home inspector doesn’t just look for defects. It is also a chance for you as the new owner to learn more about your property.

There are some that feel you should hire a home inspector right from the beginning to check on every phase of the build process – that’s an option that you might take.  We decided it wasn’t necessary for us.   

The cost of home inspections vary– in the long run its a small amount in order to give you peace of mind on one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.

In the meantime, if you have any real estate questions on the Charleston area, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 941-724-9961 or