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Moving to Summerville SC Part 10 - Decisions

Posted By: Kathi Panor In: Relocating to Charleston SC area
Date: Sat, Sep 9th 2017 2:31 pm

I believe that everyone has said just about anything that was to be said about hurricane Irma so I won’t.  Since I’m writing this on Saturday while the weather is perfect here in Summerville – sunny skies, low humidity– I can’t predict if the current forecast is correct that we will miss the brunt of the storm.  Of course I’m hoping that it is since we just cancelled hotel reservations near Atlanta that we had planned to escape to.  At least we have enough bottled water to last a long time! J

Now that our house is almost finished we need to make 2 key decisions – I’m sure not the last ones since moving here but 2 that are necessary. I understand these are not life threatening decisions but some that need to be made. 

The first is whether to get cable TV or satellite. For cable in Cresswind At The Ponds we have the choice of Spectrum (formerly called Charter & Time Warner) and a company called Home Telecom.   Satellite is either the Dish Network or Direct TV .   Right now we are planning on going with Home Telecom for internet and Direct TV because they offer the NFL Sunday Ticket – a no brainer since we are Packer fans! 

The other decision is which refrigerator and washer & dryer to get.  We are pretty sure about the refrigerator but still trying to decide on washer & dryer. I’ve heard some very negative comments on front loaders so am leaning towards the “old fashion” kind.  I would like to hear your opinions on brands of refrigerators and washer & dryers that you like the best.

As I said, our house is almost finished….the wood floors were installed last week along with the granite & blown in insulation.  All that seems to be left is grading of the yard, installing plumbing fixtures & appliances, finish coat of painting and getting electric to the box.  Since we still have 5 weeks before we can close I’m sure I’m missing things.

In the meantime, if you have any real estate questions on the Charleston area, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 941-724-9961 or