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Mount Pleasant – Saturday Morning Car Show

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Mount Pleasant Communities
Date: Sun, Apr 16th 2017 11:51 am

If you are looking to Get Out any Saturday morning (8am-11am or so) go to Towne Center in Mt. Pleasant to get a quick breakfast sandwich and some coffee at Atlanta Bread Company.  Oh, and while you are there, look out the window in the parking lot and you will see almost 100 (depending on weekend) specialty cars.  I say “specialty cars” because I can’t think of any other general term.  There are so many different kinds and each has a story to tell.  I call some of them Muscle Cars and then others Super Cars, but then there are Classics.  You have representation from almost every decade in the past 50+ years.  This show is put on every Saturday morning in this parking lot.  I have been going (not every Saturday) for almost 3 years now.  You will also find a wide range of people.  You have the youngsters, old timers, and everything in between.  There are men mostly, but a lot of women participate with their own cars as well.  You will see a lot of dogs (I call puppies…as they are always so cheerful/happy).  Check out the Leopard Cat picture….like I said, you will find all kinds on any given Saturday morning.

I would be rude if I didn’t also let you know that the show also has Old Motorcycles.  They are not as prominent as the cars, but there are some really nice bikes from all over the world.

You can go to my website and see all the Pictures I have taken over the past few years.  The Leopard Cat should be in there somewhere..!

This weekly event is put on by the Group, Charleston Cars & Coffee.  Check them out on their Facebook Page (just search for it in FB, or try this Link:

Go to my Website to see More Pictures.