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Mount Pleasant Police Detectives Go Above and Beyond

Posted By: Liz Loadholt In: Mount Pleasant Police
Date: Sat, Jun 18th 2016 2:29 pm

Most of the time, police departments are thought of in a negative light.  The Mount Pleasant SC police detectives go above Mt Pleasant Police Badgeand beyond to protect and assist their families.

Not only do they do an awesome job of protecting their citizens, they are awesome when it comes to their charity work.  The Mount Pleasant Police Detectives are not the type who take off their badges and forget about their citizens.  They are very involved in their community.

When they see domestic abuse and tragic situations during their work hours, they take that home with them.  The fact that there are children of domestic crimes is simply a very sad fact So often, those children are left behind and forgotten. If such a crime happens in Mt Pleasant, SC, those children are not forgotten
by the Mt Pleasant Police Detectives.

They have been known to take gifts at Christmas to children of domestic abuse situations --- not just one time, but many times. The Mt Pleasant Police will check on those children not only at holidays, but during the year.Mt Pleasant Police Giving Back to CommunityPolice Detective work is not easy -- it is a very difficult task.  The Mount Pleasant Police Detectives are a  hard working and very caring group of men and women.

Thank you to the town of Mount Pleasant South Carolina for doing such an amazing job of hiring your Police Detectives.

Mama Liz Loadholt