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Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Modular Homes

Posted By: Robert Judy In: Manufactured Homes
Date: Wed, Oct 4th 2017 1:29 pm

Many people use the terms “mobile home, manufactured home, and modular home” interchangeably, but in fact their is is a significant difference between the three. A mobile home specifically refers to a home built in a factory, before 1976. Any home built after 1976, whether factory built or not, is not considered a mobile home.

A manufactured home is a house that was built completely in a factory, and then taken somewhere else to sell or live in. A manufactured home is today’s version of a mobile home, but once again it is all based on the year it was built.

A modular home is one that was mostly built in a factory, but left in sections to be put together outside of the factory. A modular home is referred to as a modular home no matter the year it was built. Whereas a manufactured home has to built after 1976, and once again constructed completely in a factory.  If you are looking to educate yourself more on this topic/the world of real estate, or want an agent who is already educated in these areas, reach out to me personally

Written by: Robert Judy