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Log in and Log out

Posted By: Markie Sheets In: AOR Website and Lead List Information
Date: Thu, Sep 22nd 2016 3:31 pm

As a real estate agent, one of the ways we find our next client is through leads. A lot of these leads come from online, like potential buyers looking at listings on our website and registering to be called for more information. At AgentOwned, we have a class every week to learn more about generating and nurturing these leads, by using a company named Myrsol. 

As discussed in today's Leads List class, it is important to LOG OUT of your Myrsol account. When returning for your daily login, log back in. If you do not log out: when you return for your daily login, you will show as logging in for the day. At that point, you will then be off the leads list. We know you do not want that so please remember to log out of your session today and then log back in tomorrow. 

Have a FABULOUS day! And, don't forget - nurture those leads!

-Markie Sheets

AgentOwned, Realtor