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Literally Take The Cake

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: The Old Village Mount Pleasant
Date: Tue, Mar 28th 2017 4:34 pm

Do you like desserts? Me too.  Do you like cake?  Of course you do.  What you might not know is where to get the best cake in Mount Pleasant.  Thanks to me and my new sugar-coated obsession, you will now know where to get the best slice of heaven in town.  I've always had a sweet tooth, but never really considered myself a cake person.  I've always relied on ice cream as my dessert of choice, but after my recent tasting experience, I have acquired a newfound respect for this dessert item that I've been neglecting all this time.  I am speaking of course about the coconut cake that is made at the Village Bakery on Pitt Street in The Old Village Mount Pleasant.  This cake is literally the best dessert I have ever eaten and I am still convinced that it is made by angels themselves.  Its moist, fluffy and had a generous portion of frosting that is sure to leave you coming back for more. Trust me, I have. Three times. And on the week of the Bridge Run.  Not only do I not regret my decision of repeatedly eating this cake, I fully intend on returning to the Village Bakery for more.  Why you ask? Because life is short.  If you don't treat cheat yourself.  So treat yourself to a piece of coconut cake or any of The Village Bakery's delicious dessert options and decide for yourself.  For more information on less delicious desserts in Mount Pleasant, real estate Inquiries, or all things Old Village, contact Pat Gallant at 843-790-4PAT!