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Light, Medium, Dark...?

Posted By: Sarah Marion In: Home Interior
Date: Sun, Mar 19th 2017 6:43 pm

When you walk into a home what is it that catches your eye first? Wall color? Trim? Cleanliness? The furniture? Light fixtures?

Well for a buyer client of mine... it's the floors! He and his wife love the darker wood floors.Wouldn't you know the home they are closing on in just three weeks has light wood floors. Its gorgeous property and house in Dunes West, which has so much to offer. This home checked all of the boxes with one exception- the shade of the floors. So with my back ground in design I suggested they get quote on retaining the floors vs replacing the floors.

The wood is in good condition

so they should be able to strip it

to the raw wood and then re-stain... But we'll see what they choose...!floors *has a nice selection of beautiful homes for sell right now... Let me know what you are looking for?

Sarah Marion