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Leisure Time in Summerville / Dorchester County Improves

Posted By: David Schuj In: About AgentOwned Realty
Date: Wed, Sep 28th 2016 12:06 pm

What to do in Summeville?  Yes, out door fun and recreation usually means a trip to downtown Charleston or to the beach.  Although, its only 30 minutes away, its still a drive that one does not necessarily want to make to enjoy a few hours of outdoor activities.   So what about Summerville???

Dorchester recognizes this as an issue and in response are builder two parks, 15 minutes from any where in lower Dorchester / Summerville area.  They will not be just  parks. Local residents can enjoy walking / running trails.  Play grounds, fishing ponds, canoeing and  Kayak rentals.  Places where a Sunday afternoon will include nature and water, along with activities for the whole family.

The plan is to begin construction in December.  The plans have been made and funding will be finalized this November.  The first park will be on 85 acres, along Bacon's Bridge Road and the second, "Pine Trace" will be off of Miles Rd.  Dorchester is making a 30 Million Dollar investment in the future of our county to improve and support an active community. 

Other smaller parks are in the works as well.  Plans on extending Saw Mill Bike Paths have been made.  Boat ramps will be added.  The community is conscious that we need recreational centers in lower Dorchester County.  The land has already been purchased and plans completed.  The Work / Life balance in the Summerville Community will be improved with state of the art facilities, bringing families and friends closer to nature.

Bottom line, this will have not only a positive impact in desirability for future residents and businesses, this will have an impact on the investments residents have already made by making Dorchester / Summerville their home.  For more information on Dorchester's Life Style, call me at 843.922.2003 or just send an email to Dave.