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Keeping Commerce LOCAL!

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Date: Fri, Oct 14th 2016 2:21 pm

Do you ever feel a little guilty when you order from Amazon, EBay, or any other site where they deliver merchandise to you from another state?   I'd like to think we all keep our business local and maybe even designated to our community we live in, however, it's just not true.  When I go anywhere in the Lowcountry and see small businesses that have closed, it really upsets me and I know from first-hand experience that there just wasn't enough local business trafficking their store for them to stay open.

A year and one-half ago, I owned a fine home furniture consignment store West Ashley and was in business for 2 years and 1 day.  In that time, I did pretty well but with the cost of high rent and other expenses, I'm afraid I just couldn't make it past that 2 years and 1-day mark.  I was devastated.  In that time, I had made some wonderful new friends, had never had a complaint in the store and yet, it just wasn't quite enough.

Business owners pour their heart and soul into their business....with long hours, stress over whether they'll make it or not, and limited time with their families.   From stores at the malls to bookstores, shoe stores, or gadget store, I believe we need to support our local economy and business people by buying local. 

There's a lot of fear in opening your own local business and it takes courage and belief that you'll make it by having the support of the locals.  From local Farmers to buying a widget, won't you join me in buying local?
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