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Is now the right time to sell my home?

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Date: Mon, Jun 13th 2016 1:57 pm

Time of the Year.    There are seasons in which homes tend to sell faster than other times of the year.    Spring – Summer is generally the best time of the year to list your home for sale.    That being said, you will need to start preparing your home for sale early in the year to catch the eyes of the special buyer.    Pay close attention to curb appeal and ensure your landscaping looks great from the street. 

Similar Homes for sale near yours.  Check with your real estate agent and start to keep an eye on what homes are for sale near you that would allow buyers to choose an alternate to yours.   Understand what features their homes have and how the compare to yours.    Too much competition in your area can make it a challenge so look to list your home when inventory is low.

Buyers’ Market or Sellers’ Market.     If it’s a Buyers’ Market, then it is important to make sure your home stands out and priced competitively.   Work with your Realtor to ensure your home is the shining star home for sale in your area.  Realtors notice homes that show well and will mention that to their clients to encourage more showings.  If it’s a Sellers’ Market, then you’re in luck.   Just make sure there aren’t too many nearby homes that are similar to yours that are on the market.   Discuss strategies with your agent to make sure your home gets the right attention.

Interest Rates.   With low interest rates, it’s important to keep in mind how any increase can affect the price of your home.   Don’t delay too long and risk an increase in lending rates as it can have a negative effect on your buyers offer. 

Neighborhood.  If you in a well-established neighborhood, then make sure your area looks great especially the entrance to your community.    Make sure that the HOA areas are well groomed and neighbors are keeping up their landscaping duties.   If you’re in a growing new construction area, look around at the new homes and see what they are going for and what features they are offering.   It’s well worth your time to know what alternative options your buyers have. 

Condition of home.   If you want your home to sell quickly, help your agent out and make sure that your home is clean, clean, clean!   Did I say Clean!    Clean floors, carpet (professionally cleaned) clean baseboards, fans, lights, switches, appliances, stove, oven etc.  Make each room look inviting by decluttering and removing extra-large furniture items.  Remove any expensive or personal items such as photos of you and your family.   If you have pets, please take them with you when your home is being shown.   Get rid of the feeding areas as well.   Above all, make sure you home smells appealing.  Having an odor will turn a buyer around in seconds! 

Recent Sales near you.  Lastly, review recent home sales as well as active and pending.  Knowing what homes have recently sold for near your house will help you to know what to expect your home will likely sell for.   Remember, only a buyer will determine what your home is worth to them.   As my father use to say to me,  “Don’t skip over dollars to pick up quarters”.  

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