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Did the Freezer Thaw? Easy Trick

Posted By: Kim Katich In: How to tell if your food is still good in the freezer after power outages
Date: Fri, Sep 8th 2017 5:47 pm

With hurricane season in high alert I wanted to share a cool tip that I heard about on the radio… it’s called a one cup tip. Now I have not tried this for myself, so I do not know if it really works, but it sounded pretty cool, and kinda makes sense

So many of us never know if your food is still good in the freezer if the power goes out for an extended amount of time. Or you may have evacuated and have no idea how long the power was out, if it was out. Well one way to help you know is to freeze a cup of water and put a quarter on top of it and leave it in your freezer. If that quarter sinks to the bottom of the cup then you know that the freezer was out of commission for quite some time, and got warm enough to thaw the frozen water.   If you come back and the quarter is still on top of the cup or maybe half way down, you still have a chance to salvage what is in the freezer.

Or for all of you ice cream eaters out there I ran across this cool tip to tell if your freezer defrosted during a power outage. For this test you will need to get a pint or half gallon of ice cream (who doesn’t love ice cream) instead of eating straight down, eat out of one side. Put the half eaten ice cream container back in the freezer, if you come back and the ice cream is all level then you know that the freezer had defrosted and you might want to be cautious with the food that is in there. If your ice cream is still mounded to one side, then your freezer did not thaw too much, and you still have a half a container of ice cream to eat!

So for any of you ice cream eaters out there this is a good excuse to go get some ice cream, but I guess if there is not time for this you can always go with the glass of water trick.