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Is Charleston a veteran friendly Community? Are we patriots? Can a veteran get a fair shake?

Posted By: David Schuj In: Military
Date: Fri, Jul 1st 2016 9:50 am

The long of the short is YES, YES and YES.......As a retired veteran, I can honestly say this community supports and takes care of, not only the active duty, but the retiree.  Military Discounts are given, all over Charleston.  

For instance, I went to Prosperity Mortgage wanting to do something to entice the military spend.  I suggested that they pay for appraisals for Veterans.  Their response was that they would not only pay for the appraises but the origination fee.  Hence, $1200 additional savings for the Veteran.  Add on my discounts and discounts from the preferred attorney, Veterans who do business with me, (both active and retired) can save thousands.  

How else does Charleston honor the veteran?  Just take a ride to Patriots Point where their is a Medal of Honor Museum, on the York Town.  We also boast the fire camp, a replica of a camp in Vietnam.  Charleston has a reputation of never turning their backs on those who have served.  We have a large veteran population and retirement population.  

After all, Charleston threw the British out in 1774, we are hospitable but historically, willing to make our stand.  So its no wonder that the Holly City is a City for Veterans, because we are a city of Veterans. 

Charleston also hosts that nuclear school program for the Navy.  We were the first C17 base in the Air Force.  

So if you are being transferred here, welcome and be rest assured you and your family will be supported. If you are looking for a place to retire, Charleston is the town.  Two bases and a VA hospital.  Lots of fellow veterans, not to mention some of the finest Veteran Administrations Offices around.  Come in and check out the VFW, who owns a club right on the beach.  

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