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Irma Coming to Charleston? Be Prepared!

Posted By: Lauren Zurilla In: Hurricane Preparedness
Date: Wed, Sep 6th 2017 10:46 pm

Hurricane Preparedness

It’s overwhelming to watch this huge storm churning out in the Atlantic and watching it like a hawk to see where it’s going.  You see, knowing it’s out there and knowing the path will change, creates more anxiety than just knowing where it’s going and dealing with it.  And to watch it for more than a week before it arrives, makes it even more stressful.  As friends and family have called to see what we are going to do IF the storm comes, I keep saying I’m watching it but taking the emotion out of it.  However, after visiting the store this evening for dinner, I saw the chaos.  Now I’m feeling the anxiety!  

Below are a few things to think when preparing for this storm.  My hope is that this post helps you remember something that you forgot or will forget!

Check your insurance.  Be sure that you really have the coverage you think you have.  Even if you are a renter, you should still have rental insurance.  Take the time to check your records or call your insurance agent!  Need insurance in the Low country?  Consider calling Alex Cowlin at Alliance Insurance Services.

Get gas!  Consider going late at night instead of waiting in long lines during the day, when gas may be running low.  Go to the ATM now, rather than later so that you have some cash.

Gather supplies! Some things to consider are flashlights (get batteries now!), matches for candles and the obvious such as large amounts of water as well as canned and boxed items.  Fill prescriptions! Find your manual can opener. Know where your car charger is also.  You can charge the phone in the car if need be. Don’t forget your Furball’s food if they are almost out and their medical records too!

Take inventory (in your head at the least) of what you want to gather if need be.  Think: valuable jewelry, insurance papers, legal docs, photos/photo albums (if you are like me and have that stuff from the past) & any cash you have hidden away!  Kids important records (birth certs, social security cards, passports) too.  Take photos of your things for insurance purposes – then take the camera with you.

A good idea is to put towels on windowsills and floor of exterior doors.  This way, any water that comes in will hopefully be soaked up.  Disconnect your garage door opener in case the power goes out. Disconnect propane tanks.  Move furniture away from windows.  Turn your freezer down as low as it can go in case the power goes out.

Don’t forget to take cards, a book or games with you when you leave, so that you can try to have some fun too.   

When this all passes and it’s clear to come home or go outside, come back to Charleston and clean up.  There’s a price to living in paradise and this just may be it.  Stay safe and be smart!