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Irma I dont know you but I already dont like you

Posted By: Marthe Teixeira In: Hurricane Preparedness
Date: Thu, Sep 7th 2017 11:34 am

Now this would be the first hurricane I have ever experienced since moving to SC.  Good ol' Irma of course it has to be category 5, I guess it can only get better from here!  Being from Mass, we have dealt with the snow storms where it seemed like endless snow dumping down on our house.  With the bad snow storms you always worry you would lose electricity, pipes freezing or even roof issues with the 10 inches of snow accumulating.

 The only thing that is similar with hurricanes and snow storms is peoples behavior.  As soon as we find out there is a  potential weather threat immediately water cases and loafs of bread go flying off the shelf.  Right now, that is already happening in SC when we aren't sure how bad it could be.  Being on Facebook pages everyone asking who has any water left?  The one thing I haven't experienced back in Mass compared to SC is the craziness when it comes to gas.  With the snow storms no one is planning on leaving the house any time soon people are too busy grabbing their favorite snacks to fill the pantry.  With hurricane obviously it is a little different.  Gas stations are already starting to run out of regular gas and gas lines are getting longer by the day.  Going to Lowe's is like walking into a bridal shop where all the dresses are marked off 75%.  Every man for themselves! We were lucky enough to grab a few pieces of plywood to put on our windows.  This is all new to us we don't even know how to put plywood up on the windows - good thing there is a YouTube video for everything!

Going through this compared to a snow storm, the hurricane has more of an eerie feeling.  Everyone is on edge waiting to see what will happen and if we should evacuate.  I was lucky booking a hotel a week ago that allows dogs and we will be traveling to Asheville, NC if necessary. The waiting part is the worse with hurricanes.  In the next few days we should all know what the plan be continued!