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Posted By: Whitley Boyd In: Travel and Tourism
Date: Tue, Sep 20th 2016 10:12 am

The Pineapple and Charleston SC

Did you know that pineapple symbolism can be dated back to the days of Christopher Columbus in 1493?  As he explored the shores of what is now Guadeloupe, he found a sweet pineapple, which pineappleswas previously unknown in Europe.  At the time, they were scarce because it was difficult to transport back to Europe before spoiling.  Very quickly, the pineapple became a status symbol, used as a way to show hospitality for visitors and guests.  Now, the pineapple is also considered to be a staple in many forms of art and architecture. 

Over 25 years ago, Mayor Joe Riley, along with a team of consultants and city planners, planned Charleston SC's Waterfront Park pinapple fountainand designed a beautiful waterfront park spanning along the east side of the Charleston Peninsula.  This cost for the project was $13.5 million.  As timing would have it, the park was completed in the spring of 1990, during a time of rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Hugo.  So, it seems fitting that the “crown jewel” of the park is a large pineapple statue which welcomes hundreds of visitors and guests to the City of Charleston each day.

Considering that Charleston received Travel + Leisure Magazines, “#1 City in the World” award for 2016, I think that the city has seen a good return on their investment of such an extravagant pineapple!

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