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Date: Wed, Oct 5th 2011 1:14 pm

The AgentOwned Realty Company

 by Boyd Loadholt, President AgentOwned Realty


A Brief Description of the Business Model 04-01-09.doc

1        The Program was created by Boyd and Liz Loadholt and the first office opened in 1992 in Charleston, SC,

2        The business model is similar to that of a professional practice,

3        Other ideas for the business model came from various places including New Zealand and a west coast real estate company,

4        All of the dividend stock of the Company is owned by the Sales Associates identified as Agent-Owners,

5        Agent-Owners approve whether to admit any new Sales Associate to the Company,

6        The Company has only two compensation plans: 1) the Variable Plan where the Agent-Owner is on a commission split , 2) The Fixed Plan where the Agent-Owner is charged a fixed monthly fee by the Company …All Plans converge to 100% GCI at $90,000 GCI,

7        In October of 2008, the Estate Plan was introduced which provides an income stream for Agent-Owners from their sponsored Tree of Agent-Owners, six levels deep and follows them into retirement and to their heirs,

8        Each Agent-Owner has a general Company account where their personal business expenses paid by the Company are posted.  As closings occur, the Agent-Owner reimburses the Company from his/her portion of the commission,

9        An Agent-Owner has the authority to determine the listing commission that he/she charges a seller,

10    For real estate bought or sold by an Agent-Owner for either personal use or investment purposes, the Agent-Owner determines how the real estate commission is treated,

11    The Company's mortgage partner is Walker Jackson Mortgage Corporation,

12    In 1997 the Company was licensed as a title insurance agency,

13    A joint venture was formed with two Allstate insurance agencies in 2000,

14    In 2004 a Service Center was established to provide joint support to all of the Operating Companies for the services of accounting, relocation, technology, training, title insurance and human resources,

15    In 2006 a wholly owned home warranty company was organized to offer home warranties,

16    An origination agreement with Sunbelt Business Brokers was finalized in December of 2008 where the Agent-Owners are directly compensated for their business brokers origination activities,

17    The mortgage, title, insurance and warranty services benefit the Agent-Owners by reducing the overhead of the real estate company,

18    The Company utilizes characteristics of mortgage, title, insurance and warranty services to benefit the consumer and increase real estate sales,

19    There are presently 500 Agent-Owners in nine offices in the Charleston area and two offices in Manning and one each in Santee, Sumter, Florence, Anderson and Myrtle Beach, SC,

20    There are no Company secrets, frequent Agent-Owner meetings are held where all aspects of the Company’s operations are discussed,

21    The Company is a RELO broker, a LendingTree broker, a Preferred Bank of America broker and has an organized relocation department all of which provide buyer and seller leads for the Agent-Owners,

22    The Company employs a real estate trainer, technology officer and marketing coordinator dedicated to supporting the Agent-Owners,

23    The Company’s name and logo are trademarked.

24    Agent-Owners are compensated for obtaining existing title insurance policies from their seller clients, they are not charged for marketing tools, they receive their own, private e-Fax number, a website with an MLS IDX property search and they are provided access to ZipForms at no charge to them