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Ice Cream in July

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: The Old Village Mount Pleasant
Date: Wed, Jul 19th 2017 3:08 pm

Just a fews ago was the single most important holiday of the year.  I am speaking of course about National Ice Cream Day.  July 16th is our nations day to celebrate our favorite frozen treats.  Because i believe every day should be national ice cream day and because i missed out on Tuesdays deliciousness, I am now recognizing July as National Ice Cream month.  I mean, who doesn't like ice cream? Not liking ice cream is like not liking puppies or movies.  If you live in the the Old Village Mount Pleasant area and are looking to satisfy your ice cream/frozen yogurt cravings, there are a few spots to get your fix.  Anyone who knows ice cream knows Baskin Robbins.  It is one of the biggest chains in the country and is located on Coleman Boulevard. Their ice cream is decent for a chain, but it will not knock your socks off. If you are more of a frozen yogurt person, than there is really only one option close by due to the recent Froyo plague that took down businesses such as Freshberry and Tutti Fruitti.  Located in the Bilo shopping center off of Ben sawyer Blvd is TCBY.  This chain is known for their wide array of toppings and froyo flavors.  I am more of an ice cream guy myself, but this place has never disappointed me when it comes to providing me with a tasty treat at a competitive price.  The Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park store offers soft serve ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes and has excellent rates.  If you are passing through and want a nice, cheap cone for you or the kids, then i highly recommend this spot. My favorite place to go for ice cream in the Old Village area is non other than the Pitt Street Pharmacy.  This gem of a store is so much more than just a pharmacy. They sell, every day needs, souvenirs, food and more importantly, ice cream.  They have a 1950’s, diner vibe with decor that hasn't been changed since it opened in 1960.  They serve delicious ice cream and also make killer shakes and floats.  Pitt Street Pharmacy may be a little off the beaten path for many folks, but i highly recommend checking this place out if you aren't familiar.  For more information on quality ice cream establishments in the area, real estate inquiries, or all things Old Village, contact Pat Gallant at 843-790-4PAT