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Hurricane Season

Posted By: Ralph Campbell In: Be prepared
Date: Wed, Aug 24th 2016 7:52 am

Now that we’re well into hurricane season, it’s probably a good time to review what flood zone you’re in and your home owner’s insurance policy.  Talk to your agent and understand the difference between wind, water and flood damage.  Deductibles vary for each policy and each area covered. The flooding in Louisiana has been a catastrophe and that’s just from heavy rains!  Remember what happened last October in Charleston with king tides and heavy rains?  One of the two access roads to Johns Island was rendered impassable for several days causing severe back-ups all day on to and off of the island.

Be prepared and have a plan.

  1. Have important documents stored safely.
  2. Understand the difference between a “watch” and a “warning” and know when to leave.
  3. Have an emergency kit prepared; water, canned goods, batteries, weather radio, etc.
  4. Gas tank filled prior to event.
  5. Cash on hand in the event electricity and computers are down.
  6. Have a plan for your pets. Implant a locating chip.
  7. Inform out of state friends or family where you are going to be so they can ensure you arrived safely.
  8. Take important documents, policy numbers and phone numbers with you: written, hard copy.