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Posted By: Rick Sanchez In: Hurricane Preparedness
Date: Tue, Sep 5th 2017 5:06 pm

While there have been hurricanes form outside of the established Hurricane Season, it officially begins every June 1st and ends on November 30th. Everyone living in the Lowcountry should understand the seriousness of hurricanes and other tropical systems. Here are some important tips to follow when preparing for a hurricane. 


  • *  Cash - ATMs will not work during prolonged power outages associated with the aftermath 
  •     of a storm.
  • *  Water - Fill all of your bath tubs up with water and stock up on drinking water, you should
  •     have a 7 day supply of 1 gallon per day, per person. 
  • *  Batteries, radio (battery operated), flashlights, candles, waterproof matches, lighter.
  • *  Prescription Medication - Be sure you have all of your important prescriptions filled and
  •     packed.
  • *  Ice - have at least two large coolers filled with ice to help preserve food during power
  •     outages.
  • *  Grill, propane, charcoal, lighter fluid for cooking
  • *  Non-perishable can goods, canned meats and manual can opener and a sharp knife
  • Disposable plates, cups and utensils
  • First Aid Kit,iodine or water purification tablets, disinfectants, bleach, hygiene items, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, insect repellent, sunscreen
  • Tools, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, rope, nails, duct tape, tarps
  • Baby supplies, diapers, wipes, food/formula (if applicable)


  • Secure or remove all outdoor furniture
  • Board up windows
  • Unplug electronics
  • Trim dead branches from trees and shrubs.


  • Create a paper copy of all your important contacts as you may not have cell phone coverage for several days after a storm.
  • Store all important documents in water proof containers or zip lock bags.
  • Never use charcoal or gas powered generators indoors.  The use of these products creates dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas that cannot be detected that may result in death.