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Hurricane Preparedness

Posted By: Ralph Campbell In: Be prepared
Date: Wed, Jul 13th 2016 7:31 pm

If you're an original Charlestonian you more than likely lived through hurricane Hugo twenty-seven years ago.  You also lived through the traffic nightmare of hurricane Floyd in 1999.  So, if you moved to the area in the last 17 years you may not understand the devastating effects of a tropical storm or a hurricane.  Knowing the terms used and having an evacuation plan can save you and your loved ones lives.

When there is an approaching tropical storm or hurricane two important terms are used - watch or warning.  A storm "watch" indicates conditions are "possible" for a storm.  A storm "warning"  means conditions are "expected."  A watch is posted 48 hours in advance of possible conditions and a warning is posted 36 hours in advance of anticipated conditions.  Do not take these postings lightly and wait until the last minute to prepare and evacuate.  You think everyday traffic is bad? You think I-26 west is bad at rush hour? Imagine people trying to exit any of the barrier islands prior to an impending event.  It will not be pretty!

Have a written family evacuation plan.  Always have an ample supply of bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, a battery operated radio and fresh batteries.  Make sure your cell phone, computer and any other important mobile devices are fully charged.  Know your evacuation route. Your plan should include a contact person outside of the storm path to check in with, particularly if the family gets separated. This the short list for a plan.  There are many websites that will provided a complete checklist for preparation. 

Save lives - be prepared.

Ralph Campbell

AgentOwned Realty