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Hurricane Mania

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Getting prepared for the Hurricane
Date: Wed, Sep 6th 2017 4:06 pm

Hurricane Mania

Today has been mass mania with people getting ready for Hurricane Irma. With the population in Mt Pleasant exploding since Hurricane Hugo not many residents have been thru a hurricane. A visit to Walmart was a riot.   Water out and batteries going fast people were horrified. Preparation has been the topic telling people to be ready. The governor and television weathermen have made it a point to don’t wait till the last minute.  If we evacuate and it is a traffic jam just from experience make sure you use your creative side to put a disposable  bathroom  in the car for those needs that the kids and us grownups may require and no place available when in traffic.

Medications need to be filled but with the chaos you might want to get on medication to survive the hurricane. That is just a joke but may not be a bad idea. If getting gas for your car could create a monster within just try to purchase it in a line with people blocking the lanes and not knowing where to go except throw their hands in the air. Thank goodness no punches were thrown.

Hopefully we will all survive and get out if told to evacuate. Hugo survivors will remember that order and new folks in the area might want to adhere to those directions. Pretty much keep your cool and we will all survive and what damage happens if any then that will be another story to write about.

If you want to talk about the past hurricanes and are new to the area then give me a call at 843-729-9878 you will get a full story of the past history of dealing with these hurricanes.

Just hang in there and try to keep your wine close at hand.