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Hurricane Irma - Part 2

Posted By: Marthe Teixeira In: Hurricane Preparedness
Date: Thu, Sep 14th 2017 5:26 pm

As we were waiting on which direction  the path Irma was going to take, you could tell everyone was on edge.  Half of Mount Pleasant was running out of gas, people were posting on Facebook asking which stores had not sold out of water and neighborhoods started boarding up windows.

My eyes have never been so glued to the weather channel, we had it on all day for four days straight.  Waiting to see if we should evacuate or not, that was the stressful part.  It felt like every update the direction of the hurricane was changing.  We had a hotel ready just in case in Asheville, NC but hadn't packed any bags.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood on Friday to see what people were doing.  It was definitely eerie as some houses started boarding up their storm windows.  Neighbors seemed stressed about if they should stay or go.  As the days got closer to when the hurricane was coming panic was starting to seep in.  Having family in Florida not only was I worried about what would happen to us but how hard they would be hit.  They were not able to evacuate because of how bad traffic was in Florida.

Finally we learned when the storm would hit SC it wouldn't be that bad category 2 or maybe even as mild as a tropical storm.  We did buy plywood for the windows but decided not to put them up.  Thankfully it wasn't a decision we later regretted.

The wild part about waiting for this storm was some people already evacuated but once they heard it would be as bad they decided to come home.  A lot of the places people from SC where going to evacuate where going to get hit harder than SC like Georgia.  It was definitely an emotional roller coaster especially having 2 young kids and 2 dogs hoping you make the right decision to stay or go. 

My heart goes out to all those affected by the hurricane.  I can't imagine what some of these people have gone through.