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Housing Market In Awendaw

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Housing Market in Awendaw
Date: Wed, Jul 5th 2017 4:52 pm

The Housing Market in Awendaw

Awendaw has vast amounts of undeveloped land partly because The Francis Marion Forest makes up a large part of the area.  Restricting growth in the area has been controlled since Awendaw was incorporated in 1992. A new school had been planned on Doar Rd however the the majority of the tract  was not able to be developed because much of the land was too low.   A small area of Awendaw has city water but no sewer.  Septic systems have to be built for any property in Awendaw.  With restrictions on use of land in the area large subdivisions are slow to be developed.  There are not a lot of commercial sites in the Awendaw area although the commercial planned development is part of the zoning approved by the town.  This means that the zoning could be a combination of commercial and residential development.  There are a number of businesses in the area such as Tractor Supply, and Seewee Outpost to name a few of commercial properties.

Trulia data reflects the market trends in Awendaw as the median sales price of a home is 525,000 and rent 1500.00.  Finding a rental property in Awendaw is a difficult task as there is very little to rent in the area.  The conservation area around Awendaw includes the Birds of Prey Sanctuary and the Francis Marion Forest.  Restrictive development will keep Awendaw a unique place to live for quite a while.

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