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Posted By: Rick Sanchez In: This and That
Date: Thu, Nov 9th 2017 4:28 pm

You may have noticed recently a wave of new technologies that are hitting the market designed to make your personal living space very smart. There is an entire industry being built around smart homes designed to give your home artificial intelligence that include seeing eyes, ears and other sensors that are controlled from your smart phone that will notify you about every aspect of your home and allow you full access and control from the palm of your hand.

These technological advances will not only affect the way we live, it will change the way our residential living spaces look and feel. House keys will no longer exist, your Google Home and other voice activated intelligent centers can keep shopping lists and communicate directly with smart appliances throughout the home and know when you are low on eggs and actually order the eggs for you to be delivered to your home and placed in your refrigerator even if you are not home to receive them. All this technology affects the value of your home and will soon have an impact on not only the value of your home but its physical design, look and feel. One of the first casualties of this new technology wave is the traditional light switch and thermostats, they will be one of the first things to go. Sensors including heat and motion detectors will turn lights on and off as you enter and exit living spaces in the home, utility costs will dramatically decrease with smart energy efficient appliances, climate controls, LED lights, and solar technologies. All of your smart home logic and central command center will be controlled via wireless technology and will travel with the homeowner from room to room or anywhere outside the home and around the world. Swimming pools, spas, and home security systems are already fully controlled via wireless Bluetooth technology from an app on your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

The same sustainability-minded home owners who are paying substantially more for a solar powered home (see my blog on the value of solar energy) will also pay more for smart homes designed to be energy harvesters that will generate and conserve their own energy for much less than today’s traditional energy sources. Home design and change is already revolutionizing home design in anticipation of the technologies to come. Everything from the way we receive, prepare and eat out food to driving our cars and receiving entertainment in the home is dramatically changing at lightening speed and it will affect how future kitchens and living spaces are designed, function look and feel. Groceries and full meal prep kits are already being delivered to thousands of households nationwide. Affordable electronic and autonomous vehicles are hitting the market that will change parking, driveways and the landscape of our communities and homes including garages and home entries. Drones and robotic delivery and concierge services will change rooftops and home access as well as our traditional dumb waiter concepts to allow for safe deliveries without interrupting our schedules or the flow of human traffic.

Existing homeowners will need to compete against new home construction and homes that are currently being built right next door to accommodate these new technologies. This change is not only affecting new developments and construction but startup companies and new businesses are popping up fueled by the estimated 40% of existing homeowners that are already retrofitting the older properties to accommodate these new technologies.  

These are important things that new and existing home owners must think about. Whether you are considering buying your first home or you’re an existing homeowner just thinking about selling or buying another home, be sure to contact Rick and Jim with "Rick and Jim Properties" at 843-469-6570 / 6580 or like us on Facebook at R and J Properties so we can help you with all these considerations and more as you navigate this ever-changing real estate market. We look forward to working with you very soon.